Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak carries a number of hearing aid models and technology levels best suited to your individual hearing needs.

Phonak hearing aid models.

Phonak Hearing Aid Models

The B Series is Phonak’s high-technology platform to aid in clearer more natural speech processing.

ModelHearing LossUniquenessType
Audéo MarvelMilt to SevereFeaturesRIC
Audéo BMild to SevereFeaturesRIC
VirtoMild to SevereDiscreetITE
Virto TitaniumMild to SevereDiscreet/DurableITE
CROSMild to SevereSingle Side DeafITE, RIC & BTE
SkyMild to ProfoundDurable/ColorfulRIC & BTE
LyricMild to ModerateInvisibleCIC
Brio Mild to Severe Features RIC

Audéo Marvel

Phonak’s new flagship hearing aid, the Audéo Marvel was released in November of 2018.

Audéo B

The Phonak Audéo B series is a RIC/RITE (Receiver In Canal/Receiver In The Ear) hearing aid designed with high functionality (more features) for mild to severe hearing loss.

Bolero B

The Phonak Bolero B series is a BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing aid designed primarily for people with profound hearing loss.

Virto B

The Phonak Virto B series is an ITE (In The Ear) hearing aid for people with mild to severe hearing loss that primarily values discreetness.

Virto B Titanium

Similar to the regular Virto series but targetted to people who value a smaller ITE hearing aid with extra durability.


The Phonak CROS B series is an ITE, RIC, and BTE hearing aid for people with single sided deafness. The non-functioning ear with hearing aid transmits sound to the other ear that can process sound to allow for a more balanced hearing experience.

Sky B

The Phonak Sky B series hearing aid by Phonak comes in ITE, RIC, and BTE styles, designed primarily for children. The assortment of colors, water resistance and durability allows for the more active lifestyles children lead.


The Phonak Lyric series is a CIC (Completely in Canal) hearing aid designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss that value discreetness over functionality (less features).


Costco’s line of Phonak hearing aids is the Brio 3 series. The most recent technology resides in the Phonak Brio 3, which has similar features to Phonak’s Audéo B series minus a few features (rechargeable, direct connect to mobile phones, and tinnitus masking).